The thought of travelling alone in itself..

Travel / Monday, September 10th, 2018

The thought of travelling alone appears scary and unrealistic to most of us in India especially girls, it’s mainly because of the culture and the society we have grown up in. No matter how modern we are today but parents are still as protective as they were generations before and won’t encourage solo travel at any stage of your life. Solo travel is something that many girls would want to do but very few have been turning this to a reality.

If you really want to do it, then sharing the thought with friends or family members is not a good idea as most of the times you would find some discouraging and repeated replies like ‘Why do you want to travel alone? What will you do all alone? Are you sure you want to do it? Is it going to be safe? Being a girl how will you manage everything? and blah blah.. ‘. The people around you will scare you to death and you might think of dropping the entire idea. But, don’t be so paranoid about it just let yourself free, buckle it up and fly to whichever place you want to.

Get set go! you already started your journey.

Things to keep in mind while you plan your solo travel:

  • Choose the destination wisely, make sure that the place is safe for solo women travellers and has good public transport connectivity across tourist spots.

Public transports are cheaper anyway.

  • Book hostels instead of hotels, I am a loyal customer of and have enjoyed each hostel I have stayed at so far.

Hostels don’t make you feel lonely at all, you get to make many friends.

  • I know it is hard for girls to pack light but yeah we need to manage it somehow as a matter of need.

Avoid packing too many cosmetics, clothes or heels with you, just the required.

  • Keep a good pair of shoes to make your travel comfortable, Nike is my favourite though.

Shoes help you walk faster and cover longer distances by foot.

  • Buy a pepper spray for your safety and keep it handy.

Self-defence prep is important!

  • Estimate your expenditure per day including your stay, food, public transportation and tickets for site seeing.

Forex cards are the best options these days, you can take 80% of the total amount in card and 20% as cash in the respective currency.

  • Keep your cash in different places, I kept some of it in my socks as well when I travelled for the first time ever.🙈

“Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”

  • Don’t forget to check the weather of the place you are travelling to as you will need to pack accordingly.

Winters: Winters are crazy in US or Europe, thus make sure you have a good pair of boots, gloves, woollen cap, jackets and warmers. It’s difficult to find relevant clothes in India for those temperatures but the best one I found so far is Decathlon store!

Summers: Don’t forget your sunscreen, shades and beach wear 😉

  • If you don’t have enough time to plan the itinerary day wise, then cap your travel with your departure and return dates, do your hostel bookings and the rest will fall in place.

“Take care of the important things and the rest will fall in place”.

  • And last: be secretive 😉

Have your plans in your head, else you might be pulled down if you have some adventurous plans.

When you land and see the snow covered runway! yay!

Travelling alone is nothing but the time and money you invest in yourself to reap inner happiness and have worth-it experiences.

Happy solo travel everyone!

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