Niagra Falls, New York

Travel / Monday, November 5th, 2018

Niagra Falls is an awe-inspiring scenery, a natural beauty that you can admire for hours. It is just magnificent!

My visit to Niagra Falls was the most awaited one of my life and this turns out to be my first travel story here. If you follow me on instagram(@xlifextravel), then you  might be knowing that my most recent travel was to Niagra Falls  😉

How long was the trip?

I spent two full days at Niagra Falls and they were worth it! In fact, 2 days and one night is good enough to enjoy all of Niagra Falls.

Where did I stay?

I have been a loyal customer to for all these years and this time was no different. I found a hostel which was at walk able distance from the Falls. Indeed the hostel was at a very good location and a decent property. There are a few hostels in Niagra falls though.

Why did I book a hostel?

Just that you can meet more people from different parts of the world and hang out in large groups. You get all the information about the city as people managing the hostel are local to the place and have all the required information.

Which month was it?

I traveled in the month of August. The weather was way too pleasant back then and the waterfalls didn’t make me feel cold but happier.

Describing the journey as it is…

Day 1:

After a beautiful journey and a long wait, I finally reached the hostel at around 8:30 am. Jeff, who was at the reception(he owned the hostel too ) was welcoming enough and the registration/payments were done quickly. The check-in time is usually 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm, so if you arrive early then all you can do is keep your luggage and push off to explore the city. Don’t worry about the luggage, it is usually safe!

So, I walked out looking for some good breakfast around and I chose ‘The Why Coffee Shop‘ to grab some. The menu was neat, prices were reasonable and of course the food was good. After some good food and coffee, I was energized to start my day!

You don’t see the waterfalls from anywhere in the city until you walk all the way through the state park. I wondered if I could see them from somewhere but that was not the case. I walked to the Niagra Falls State Park and followed the sign boards.

That’s where I entered the State Park:

Walking through this lush green garden, I was waiting for the waterfalls to be seen and I finally got closer to the waterfalls following the sign boards.

I stood there for hours admiring the beauty and enjoying the water all over. Then I headed to take the Maid of the Mist ride which might look like a tourist attraction at first but trust me, if you don’t take that ride then you missed an opportunity to get closer and closer to the falls until you hear the sound of water splashing and the water droplets over you.

Maid of the Mist (everyone gets a poncho to wear before you board the boat)
Clicked from Maid of the Mist, Niagra falls

After I grab some food at Niagra Falls, I make my way to the Fort Niagra State Park to enjoy the sunset. The sunset by the beach was just like this:

Sunset by the beach at Fort Niagra State Park
I like the symmetry of this click with the moon!

You could even come again for a sunrise the next morning if you have all the energy to get up early the next day, but clearly that wasn’t my cup of tea 😉

Oh yeah! And how can I forget the fireworks I saw at 2200 hours from a secret spot that was known to Jeff(hostel owner)  and was clearly worth it. If you want to see the video of the fireworks, you may want to checkout my instagram feed.

Now, it was time to grab some food and get a good night sleep.

Day 2:

Now, that I had done most of the important stuff in Niagra falls on Day 1 itself, it was time to relax through the day with some good food. I checked out late from the hostel and went to Zaika Indian Cuisine to grab some brunch. Now, if you are wondering why Zaika? then honestly.. I was missing on some Indian spices throughout my trip and Zaika did not disappoint me at all that noon. I would recommend this place if you are hungry and want to binge on some good buffet.

After that, I decided to move to the Whirlpool State Park and see what a whirlpool looks like in real 😉 That was indeed real with rotating water. I did take a walk on the Nature trail as well.

The nature trail I walked through..

I thought before I head out of the city, I should visit the Fort Niagra State Park once again and see the Boat Launches, take a stroll close to nature and yeah, I am there at the Fort Niagra State Park again! yay!

Just entered the Fort Niagra State Park..
Walking between the two Boat Launches!
The only part of the Fort Niagra that you can admire without paying some dollars for the tour 😛

Even though I visited the same premises twice I really did not take the tour of the Fort because history doesn’t interest me that much, so if you are interested to know about the history of the Fort, then you must take the guided listening tour which is for about 45 min to 1 hour.

And my trip to Niagra Falls comes to an end this early evening! Tada.. See you until my next travel story!

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