From Departure to Destination for first timers

Travel / Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

I hope you have made up your mind and are ready to fly, then below are a few points that might help you in your first ever journey starting from the airport.

  • Web checkin: A day prior to your flight, the airlines send you a notification about web checkin. It’s better if you do the web checkin as that’s one chance to pick a seat of your choice, either a window or aisle. You might have to settle for a middle seat in case you arrive late at the airport and/or the flight is fully booked.
  • Keep you Documents handy as you arrive at the Airport: This shall include your passport, return ticket and hotel reservations at travel destinations.

  • Arrive at the Airport early: Make sure you arrive at the Airport three hours before your flight. You might find a long queue at the checkin and immigration counter at times.
  • At the immigration: After you drop your bag and grab your boarding pass, proceed to the Immigration counter. You shall be asked a couple of questions about your travel which are like: where are you travelling, purpose of travel and how many days? Be prepared to answer all the questions about your travel with a lot of confidence. You shall be all set for your departure after you have the immigration stamp on your passport which looks like:

  • Proceed to the boarding gate: you may check the gate number on your boarding pass and proceed to the respective gate number. If you arrived well in time then you have all the time to explore the duty free stores and other shopping outlets at the airport until it is time for you to board the plane.
  • Access to the Lounge: Whenever you are travelling internationally, you can have access to the lounges at the airport where you can relax for a while before you set for a long flight. Not everyone will have an access but you might want to check all your credit/debit cards to know if any grants you a free access. And yeah, the lounges will never be in your direct route towards the gate, you might have to look around a bit to know where they are 😉
  • Food: As you board the plane, you will get a hot towel to wipe your hands and face just to feel fresh and then the food/drinks will start coming in. If you are travelling from India, then you choose Veg or Non-veg Hindu meal and you ‘ll be all safe. Just enjoy your flight!
  • Enjoy the flight: Take a nap or watch your favourite movie!
  • Immigration at the destination: Now, is the time for the immigration stamp that marks your entry to the destination country. Keep all your supporting documents handy and make sure to answer all the questions correctly including your purpose of visit and duration of stay in their country because all they want to make sure is you go back from their country.
  • Collect your baggage: Proceed to the respective belt to collect your bag!
  • Buy a sim: To make your travel easier, buy a sim card from the airport itself so that you don’t have to travel without connectivity.
  • Time to take a taxi! Now, you can either book an Uber or simply take a taxi from the taxi stand. For Uber, you might have to figure out the Uber pickup point and wait there until the driver reaches but for the Airport Taxi, you just need to get into the queue there and they will assign you the next available driver really quick. If you want to save some money and go in for cheaper transport then you may want to look at the available public transport connectivity from the Airport.
  • Have your hotel address handy: Just tell the taxi driver your place of stay and he ‘ll drive your there. 😉 Now you may enjoy your first drive in the new city!

Woohoo! We reached our destination and successfully completed the journey!

Please reach out, if you have any particular questions.

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