Things to do at Church Street in Bangalore

Travel / Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

Church street is one of the most happening places in Bangalore and I spent an entire day there, so I thought it would be a great idea to share what I did through the day. Checkout the list below if you are looking for cafes to work from in Bangalore and end your day well. 😉

I arrived at the Church Street around 10:30 am, that is when all the cafes start to open.

Street Art:

If you are an art lover, then you could spend some time admiring the different wall arts on the street. There aren’t any master pieces but they add life to the walls and make them unique.

Matteo Cafe:

Matteo cafe offers you good ambience, good food and great coffee!

They have an indoor as well as outdoor sitting. You can make your choice and decide if you want to read a book or work on your laptop.

If you decide to work, then key thing to note is you can only work until your battery lasts as there are no plug points in Matteo cafe. Strange but true!

It’s a great place to get your day started with some good breakfast and coffee!

What did I order?

– Double fried egg with toast and Hazelnut Latte. ☕️

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After spending a couple of hours at the cafe(until my laptop battery lasted), I headed out to grab a nice lunch.

Bheema’s Andra House:

I had a choice to make between Bheema’s Andra House and Oh! Calcutta, I chose Bheema’s Andra to have a sumptuous Andra thali meal and save myself from deciding what to eat.

I like making easy choices when it comes to food! 😉

Blossom Book House:

Do not miss out on visiting Blossom Book house even if you don’t read books. There is one right above Matteo cafe but the one which is a little ahead on the same street is huge and has books stacked up in huge numbers on 3 different floors. It is worth a visit!

Cafes to work from in Bangalore
Books, Books and Books!


If you want to get back to work, then Starbucks is the next spot as it does have ample plug points. 😉 You can enjoy your favorite Starbucks coffee along too.

And, it was time to wrap up your day with some great beer!

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Arbor Brewing Company or Communiti:

If you are a beer person and love to socialise, then Arbor Brewing Company or Commuinti are the perfect choices to end your day. I visited both on separate days though but the time spent was amazing. If you ask me, I liked ABC more. 😉

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Tada.. See you until my next blog 😉

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